Seminar on School Finance Academy

The Seminar on School Finance Academy is now being offered in conjunction with the ISDLAF+ School Finance Seminars! The valuable information covered at the summer and fall ISDLAF+ seminars has been recognized as meeting the requirements for the Seminar on School Finance Academy.

To receive academy credit for the Seminar on School Finance (AAC #1062), attendees MUST attend both of the following ISDLAF+ seminars:

  • School Finance and Business Operations Seminar – July 2017
  • Preparing the Tax Levy Seminar – October 2017

About the Academy: This course has been designed for school business managers and superintendents. The content will include property taxes and completion of the tax levy. The general state aid claim will be reviewed with participants completing the claim form. The school district budget and the annual financial report will be taught and then used as a basis for preparing financial projections. Bring your working budget, legal budget, AFR, EAV, tax levy information and a copy of the ISBE State, Local and Federal Financial book.


  1. Register online prior to the July seminar and pay the academy registration cost.
  2. Attend the ISDLAF+ School Finance Seminars in both July and October at your selected location.
  3. Turn in the required homework at the October seminar and fill out the required survey to receive your academy credit.

July registration counts as your registration for both ISDLAF+ seminars. There is no need to register for each individual seminar as well. To earn credit, you must attend both days at your chosen location. Attendees must sign up in advance, or onsite at the July seminar. Attendees of the October seminar will not be able to receive credit, even if they attended the July seminar.


Naperville — 7/18/2017 and 10/3/2017 
East Peoria — 7/19/2017 and 10/19/2017 
O'Fallon — 7/20/2017 and 10/18/2017

The academy will only be offered for the Naperville, East Peoria and O’Fallon July and October seminar sessions.


A processing fee of $75 (member)/$115(non-member) will be charged to academy attendees. It will still be free to attend the ISDLAF+ Seminar.


8:30am - 9:00am: Registration & Refreshments
9:00am - 12:00pm: Program
12:00pm - 1:00pm: Lunch (provided) and Round Table Discussion


Naperville — 7/18/2017 & 10/3/2017 
East Peoria — 7/19/2017 & 10/19/2017 
O'Fallon — 7/20/2017 & 10/18/2017