How to Apply for the Facilities Scholarship

To apply for an Illinois ASBO Facilities Scholarship, complete the CPMM or CPS application and check the box that you are interested in receiving the facilities scholarship. 

Submit your application to the attention of Lindsay Plath, CMP at, fax (815) 516-0184 or mail it to: Illinois ASBO, NIU, IA-103, 108 Carroll Ave., DeKalb, IL 60115.

For a deadline date, see the CPS or CPMM event page.

Programs for Facilities Professionals 

Facilities Operations Program

Facilities Operations Program 

This program sets a consistent standard for the development of high quality school facilities professionals. The knowledge base lays the groundwork of what a facility professional needs to know to succeed in their chosen field.

Facilities Certification Program

Facilities Certification Programs

Illinois ASBO partners with the Association of Facilities Engineering to provide knowledge and skills to enhance your district by training for a prestigious facilities certification.

Facilities Designation Program

Facilities Management Designation Program

Anyone who oversees school facilities will benefit from the wide range of topics, the opportunity for discussion and networking, and a wide array of resources and materials that will prove useful in the future.