Leadership Institute Timeline & Pricing

The Leadership Institute takes place over two distinct fiscal years, allowing you to earn two years worth of academy credit!


Friday, February 15, 2019 — Application deadline for the 2019 Leadership Institute Cohort. Once notified of their acceptance, cohort members then take the two feedback instruments.

March 19-21, 2019 — During this two-night, two-day immersion experience,  the feedback instruments are discussed, interpreted and acted upon. Participants will meet on Tuesday evening will remain on campus until Thursday afternoon. One Administrator Academy seminar is completed.

September 5-6, 2019 — The cohort meets again for a second Administrator Academy seminar, goal setting, reflection, follow up and celebrating the program completion.

PRICING: $2100 

The program takes place over two distinct fiscal years allowing for two invoices, one for each fiscal year. Tuition and room and board can be invoiced separately if needed. There are also half-tuition scholarships available most years to help you offset the cost of the Institute.

If you are ready to move out of your comfort zone and practice new leadership traits in a safe environment - the Leadership Institute is for you! Your fellow cohort members will ultimately support you during your journey in the program and beyond.

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Leadership Institute

Learn how the Institute came about, reasons to apply and updates on the latest cohort.

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Meet the experienced facilitators whose passion for leadership drives the continued success of the Institute.

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A letter of recommendation is required to attend the Leadership Institute.

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Get assistance to take part in the Leadership Institute — half-tuition scholarships are typically available each year! 

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The Missing Piece in My Education as a Manager

I was working in a support role in a business office, not sure I was ready to apply for the top job, when my mentors recommended the Leadership Institute. I applied, was accepted and am forever grateful.

The Leadership Institute completed a missing piece to my education as a manager. My master’s coursework had laid the foundation of the basic skills needed to be a school business official, but the Leadership Institute taught me management of others and effective communication with others.”

– Beth A. Reich
Business Manager
Grant CHSD 124