Transportation PDC

: School transportation is the largest public mass transportation system. As the number of operating school buses increases, problems are inevitable. For many school districts there is no mandate to provide students with transportation to or from school. 

Accordingly, school transportation funding does not always receive as high a priority in budget decisions as mandated education programs. Where law requires transportation of students to and from school, funding shortfalls in recent years have created problems in maintaining an adequate school transportation program.

The Transportation PDC helps school business officials understand and demonstrate the ability to:

  • Support and maintain a student transportation program that adheres to all legal requirements.
  • Ensure that the school bus maintenance and replacement program is established and maintained.
  • Monitor the student transportation program and make adjustments as needed.
  • Analyze alternative methods available for providing transportation.
  • Ensure an efficient and comprehensive routing system is developed and maintained.
  • Ensure a comprehensive plan is in place for training and retaining bus drivers.
  • Communicate transportation needs to the public, administration, and state/provincial legislatures.
Kenneth Muehlfelder


Kenneth Muehlfelder
T: (630) 556-3130


Vice Chair

Scott Mackall
T: (847) 505-8919


Professional Development Coordinator

Jennifer Corbin
T: (815) 753-6102

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