Certification Study Tips

The training class which you have selected is intended to enhance your studying experience.  It is your individual responsibility to study the review pack in its entirety and come prepared with any questions that you have for your facilitator.


  • Read the material before class.
  • Prior to reading the unit, take the pretest using a pencil. Answer it the best you can without reading forward...make your best guess.
  • As you read the unit, keep in mind the pretest questions and keep an eye out for their answers. If you come across an answer highlight it in the text, then write the page number next to the question where you found the answer and mark the correct answer.
  • After completing the unit, answer the unit review questions. 
  • Once you have completed a unit by taking the following steps, move on to the next unit.
    1) Taking the pretest;
    2) Finding pretest answers in the reading, highlighting the text answering the pretest question and marking the page number next to the question;
    3) Taking the unit review and
    4) Turning to Appendix A and looking up the answers to the pretest and unit review to see how you did and correcting any wrong answers. 


  • Bring a highlighter, pen and notepad.
  • Your instructor will emphasize topics, definitions, procedures, pretest questions, unit review questions, etc. that will be on the exam... make sure you highlight them as your instructor reviews the units with you.
  • Different instructors teach to their own style, some don’t mind being interrupted during a teaching session with questions, some prefer to have all questions at the end. If your instructor does not inform you of when to ask questions for clarification, ask him or her prior to the start of unit 1. This way everyone is on the same page. If your instructor prefers to have questions at the end, use your notepad so you do not forget the question you want clarification on.
  • You will have a break after each unit, so do your best to concentrate on what the instructor is teaching during the instructional time. If possible, leave your smart phone, iPad, cell phone, e-mail, etc. off or silenced until the breaks, you will have plenty of breaks and opportunities to deal with issues between units.
  • When your instructor covers the pretest and unit review questions, he or she will also give the page number the answer to the question is on, write the page number down next to the question. 


  • Study your Highlighted material.
  • When taking the test, answer what you know and mark the ones you don’t and go back to those at the end of the test, don’t try to look every answer up as you go.
  • Sometimes the answer is built within the question, read the question carefully.
  • Sometimes the answer is built into a previous question, remember what you have already answered or read.

Good luck!

Facilities Certification Information

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