GAINS Final Leaderboard - FY19

Tracking is done in-house by Illinois ASBO staff using Association software. However, you are ultimately responsible to keep track of your own participation and double check to make sure the points posted match your participation. Points are tallied quarterly and posted on the Leaderboard; new activity will not immediately be reflected. 

If you have a question about your points, you can contact Laura Rude at


Kurt Hintz, Performance Services, Inc.

Matt Geerdes, Crowe LLP
Jim Karagianis, Industrial Appraisal
Christopher Lutz, The Larson Equipment & Furniture Co.
James Petrakos, TRIA Architecture, Inc.
Sheetal Rai, Fifth Third Securities
Rebecca Thompson, Nania Energy Inc.

Gregory Cooney, Frank Cooney Company, Inc.
Raymond Coyne, Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.
Dave Foler, INSPEC, Inc.
Jim Grammas, BMO Harris Bank N.A.
Jeff Krause, Arbor Management, Inc.
James Snyder, Ice Miller LLP

Andy Arndt, Robert W. Baird & Co.
Glen Grimm, Constellation Energy
Spiro Hountalas, PFM Asset Management LLC
Ken Muehlfelder, Central States Bus Sales, Inc.
Kristine Musaraca, RevTrak
Sharon Uslan, ENGIE Services U.S.

Justin Erkfritz-Gay, J. P. Morgan Chase Bank, NA
Andrew Mace, Klein Hall CPAs
Jesse Pleuss, GCG Financial, Inc.
Anjali Vij, Chapman and Cutler LLP


Betsy Allen, Miller, Cooper & Co., Ltd.
Robert Gillingham, Innovative Modular Solutions, Inc.
Kevin McTigue, Tyler Technologies, Inc.
Ed Wright, DLA Architects, Ltd.

Matt Beran, Lauterbach & Amen, LLP
Daniel Brandolino, Midwest Mechanical
Steven Kowalski, McKinstry
Lisa Martin, ARCON Associates, Inc.

Allen Albus, Forecast5 Analytics, Inc.
Coley Anderson, Moody's Investors Service
Alan Armbrust, STR Partners LLC
Mike Beckham, Virco, Inc.
R. Scott Cummings, AssuredPartners of Illinois
Ken Detina, Siemens Industry, Inc.
Michael Holmes, Vanguard Energy Services, LLC
Dan Kritta, Wold Architects & Engineers
Todd Krzyskowski, Mesirow Financial, Inc.
Eric Kumerow, Tandus Centiva
Mary Jo McLoughlin, ARAMARK Education
Edward Noyes, Lincoln Investment
Thomas O'Sullivan, Cook-Illinois Corp./Twin Lakes Trans. Consulting
Joseph Parys, CenterPoint Energy
David Patton, Healy, Bender & Associates, Inc.
Bradley Paulsen, Wight & Company
Connor Schomig, Kiefer Specialty Flooring, Inc.
Richard Silverman, Lowery McDonnell Company
Scott Vanderlee, Midwest Transit Equipment, Inc.
Please contact Laura Rude if you have questions about your points.

How to Earn GAINS Points

To earn GAINS points, you simply have to participate in Illinois ASBO programs, events and committees! How involved you get is up to how much exposure you want in front of school district members. For example, participation as a speaker or committee member establishes you as a resource for school districts while earning you points.

Points are earned and tracked based on individual participation, NOT on a company basis. Therefore, companies with multiple members should strategically choose which person to make points-related purchases (see below) to earn maximum points toward a reward. Illinois ASBO reserves the right to change Exhibit Hall layout year to year. Earned prizes cannot be transferred or redeemed for cash or adjustments on accounts.

Tracking of points begins each year on July 1 and will be tracked through June 30 for awards redeemable at the following Annual Conference. (For example, points earned in July 2014 through June 2015 will bring rewards at the 2016 Annual Conference.) Points do not rollover; each July 1 members will begin again at zero points.

Pay for Booth and Exhibit at Annual Conference

250 points*

Member Assisting in the Booth at Annual Conference

150 points

Longevity as an Illinois ASBO Exhibitor

Earn points for Exhibiting multiple consecutive years at Annual Conference. If you skip a year, start again at zero.

25 points per consecutive year starting from 2006 (max 250 pts)*

Register for ASBO International Conference

100 points

Register for Illinois ASBO's hospitality event at ASBO International Conference

50 points

Run for Service Associate Advisory Committee

Applications due in December.

75 points

Register for Midwest Facilities Conference

50 points

Register for Facilities Professionals Conference

50 points

Community Impact Legacy Project Participation

25 points

Attendance at Service Associate only (SAAC) events

25 points each

Illinois ASBO Golf Outing Paid Golf Registration

25 points

Purchase Golf Foursome

100 pts** inclusive of first 25 points

Professional Development Speaker

75 points per presentation up to eight presentations

Professional Development Moderator
25 points per presentation up to eight presentations

Exhibit Hall Game at Annual Conference

50 points

PDC Involvement
You must request to join and be approved by the Chair. Attending a PDC meeting or joining a group on the peer2peer network does not automatically add you as a PDC member within our records. On a periodic basis, PDC chairs are asked to review their lists to make sure they are up-to-date and everyone listed is an active participant. 

75 points

*These points will automatically be designated to the person within an organization that pays for the booth. Please inform Laura Rude at if you want to designate these points to someone else within your organization. Annual Conference-related points will be added to your total at the end of June. Other GAINS points are non-transferable.
** Or 25 points per paid golf registration. 100 points max for golf.