Delegate Advisory Assembly

The mission of the Delegate Advisory Assembly (DAA) is to make recommendations to the Illinois ASBO Board in regards to issues of public policy and/or legislation involving resource management of education.

A Fast Response Network for Legislative Issues

Organized in December of 2004, the Delegate Advisory Assembly meets three times a year. When not in session the Assembly provides the association with a “Fast Response Framework” to offer testimony, research and solutions to the Illinois General Assembly as fast track legislation moves through Springfield. To date the DAA has moved legislation regarding bidding and the Chief School Business Management Certification through the legislature.

The DAA not only brings legislative issues affecting school districts to the forefront of discussion amongst school business managers and superintendents, it has also brought the expertise of school business managers in front of legislators to help shape legislation.

Illinois ASBO Delegate Advisory Assembly

Apply to Serve as a Leader on the DAA

Would you like to step up your legislative involvement and leadership? Whether or not you currently serve on the DAA, you are invited to apply for the position of DAA Vice Chair. This is a two-year role, followed by two years as the Chairperson of the DAA. This role is not a large time commitment but is very rewarding! 


Vickie Nissen

A Voice at the Legislative Table

One of my greatest professional accomplishments is being part of the team that developed the DAA. I feel very strongly that Illinois ASBO members should have a voice at the legislative table and the DAA provides a mechanism for the organization to share member concerns and develop strategies to address these concerns.”

–  Vickie L. Nissen
Asst. Supt./Business Services, Comm. Cons. Sch. Dist. 59