Submitting an Article to the Journal

Having an article published in The Journal of School Business Management establishes your credentials in the school business management profession. It gets your name recognized and allows you to share your good ideas and success with other members of the profession.


Authors are invited to submit ideas for articles, preferably with a brief outline of the proposed article. Authors should contact the editor of The Journal of School Business Management to discuss story ideas and editorial requirements before beginning article development. This will provide authors information on special issues that might be planned and whether or not the topic of the proposed article is likely to fit future issues.

Send article ideas to The Journal of School Business Management Editor, Dr. Michael Jacoby.


As you prepare your article, keep your audience in mind: school business officials. They want to hear about practical, cost-saving, efficiency producing ideas and methods, laws, practices and policies.

Use concrete, everyday vocabulary and base your points on personal experience or field research. Any theoretical material must be tied to current or future practice. Let your scholarship show through the ideas you present, rather than in the jargon that you use.


The typical article is 10-15 double-spaced pages (2,500-3,500 words), although this standard is flexible depending on the subject.

Your article is a tool for school business officials and should not promote products or services.

Use an attention-getting title and try to include art, charts, tables or graphs (when appropriate).


Upon request, articles submitted to The Journal of School Business Management are read and reviewed by at least two qualified reviewers with special knowledge in the relevant field. Currently four to six articles are used in each issue. Since The Journal of School Business Management is a semi-annual publication, six to twelve articles will be used yearly. It is anticipated that the number of articles per issue will increase over time. An editorial board is appointed by the executive board of Illinois ASBO which provides general supervision to the Journal.


Receipt of articles will be acknowledged as soon as possible. If accepted, articles are scheduled for publication on a “space available” basis, unless otherwise specifically indicated. Authors will be notified of the intended publication date.

As articles are prepared for publication, they are edited for length and style. Illinois ASBO follows the Associated Press Style Guide for general editing and the American Psychological Association’s Style Guide for technical data. The editor will work closely with the author if there are substantial changes.

Once published, authors are sent copies of the Journal for their use.


To improve the chances of your article being published, it is essential that you follow these guidelines:

Manuscripts for features should be 10-15 pages. (2,500 - 3,500 words). Letters or opinion articles should be 3-5 pages. (700 - 1,250 words).

All manuscripts should be typed, double-spaced, on white paper and each page numbered.

Articles should begin with a suggested title followed by a byline, e.g., By John Smith.

Use subheads and bullets for easier reading. However, please avoid outlining.

Attach biographical information at the end of the article.

Please proofread carefully and check data before submitting. 

The Journal of School Business Management is fully copyrighted under U.S. copyright laws.

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