Business Office Calendar

An indispensable member resource, to help you keep up on upcoming state deadlines. Visit ISBE for a filterable calendar which provides information regarding due dates for various reports, important dates, conferences, webinars, etc.

This timetable is to be used as a guide for school business officials. It is not intended to be all-inclusive and is not a substitute for legal advice. Illinois ASBO does not guarantee this calendar’s accuracy and will not be responsible for damages caused by reliance on it. Although job responsibilities and procedures vary among districts, this timetable highlights the major tasks performed by school district officials relative to business office operations. Dates listed indicate the last day to submit the report or complete the task unless otherwise noted.

Calendar By Month


A new year and a new you, but the same paperwork. Tax season begins - be prepared an have your forms ready to submit.

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Love is in the air. The love of submitting forms to IWAS, ICS and the County Clerk. Click the To-Do Items button to find out which forms!

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Present staffing plans to the board for the RIF process and submit more ISBE forms all while preparing your budget and financial projections.

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Since you are already registered for the Illinois ASBO Annual Conference, you can now focus on tax returns and wage reports.

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File the Statement of Economic Interest with the County Clerk, transmit SPED files to ISBE and continue to prepare that budget.

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In June, prepare for the Year-End Closing, file the GSA Claim and perform an investigation of the Prevailing Rate of Wages.

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The new fiscal year starts. Tasks ths month include General State Aid Entitlement, Prevailng Wages and SPED Individual Orphanage claims.

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August tasks include Annual Report of Earnings, SPED Private Facility Tuition Claim and final budget preparation.

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Adopt the new budget, know what budget items you need to post on your website and sponsor/apply for the Child Nutrition Program.

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There are so many forms due in October, it's scary. Don't forget to file your annual budget with the county clerk within 30 days after adoption.

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Before you attend the Annual IASA/IPA/IASBO
Joint Annual Conference, review what needs to be filed/submitted.

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Break is right around the corner, but not before file several ISBE forms and have a possible Truth in Taxation public hearing.

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