August Business Office Calendar

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  • August Prepare Tentative Budget: Public display of tentative budget at least 30 days prior to adoption (105 ILCS 5/17-1)
  • August – Hold Public Hearing on the Budget (publish legal notice indicating availability for public inspection of tentative budget and date, time, and location of public hearing (105 ILCS 5/17-1)
  • August – Adopt Budget: Districts must adopt annual budget by the end of the first quarter of the fiscal year and file with the County Clerk and the Illinois State Board of Education within 30 days of adoption.
  • August 1 – Deadline for final amendments for state and federal grants
  • August 1 – Deadline to submit application for the second cohort of the Competency-Based High School Graduation Requirements Pilot Program
  • August 15 – Deadline to submit Pupil Transportation Reimbursement Claim
  • August 15 – Deadline for waiver applications to be postmarked to be part of Fall Waiver Report
  • August 15 – Special Education Private Facility Tuition Claim submitted to the ISBE (105 ILCS 5/14-7.02)
  • August 15 – Deadline for waiver applications to be postmarked to be part of Fall Waiver Report
  • August 15 – Deadline to submit EIS employment/positions, evaluations, attendance, and salary
  • August 15 – Final transmission of Special Education Personnel Employed submitted to the ISBE (105 ILCS 5/14-13.01)
  • August 15 – Annual Report of Earnings form, required documentation, and diskette submitted to the Teachers’ Retirement System of the State of Illinois (Springfield office) (40 ILCS 5/16-155)
  • August 15 – Pupil Transportation Reimbursement Claim submitted to the ISBE on IWAS (105 ILCS 5/29-5)
  • August 30 – Deadline to submit application for FY 2020 Career and Technical Education State Leadership Request for Proposal
  • August 31 – District Average Daily Attendance/Prior General State Aid System in IWAS closes
  • September 1 – Affidavit of School Treasurer Bonds submitted by Regional Superintendents, in Cook County the appropriate Intermediate Service Center
  • September 9 – Deadline for superintendent signoff in Data Review and Verification Tool in MyIRC portal


  • ASAP (but no later than October 6) – Within 6 business days after an employer participating in the IMRF approves a budget, that employer must post on its website the total compensation package for each employee having a total compensation package that exceeds $75,000 per year OR an employee's total compensation package that is equal to or in excess of $150,000 per year. (5 ILCS 120/7.3) (Source: P.A. 97-609, eff. 1-1-12.)
  • ASAP - Each LEA is responsible for keeping their D-U-N-S number and account current with * NEW* System for Award Management – SAM (formerly CCR). SAM (formerly CCR) provides email notification to the account owner of registration expiration.
  • In September (prior to October 1) – At a regular board meeting, present to the Board of Education the base salary and benefits of the general superintendent of schools or chief executive officer and all administrators and teachers employed by the school district (105 ILCS 5/10-20.47) and (105 ILCS 5/34-18.38).
  • August 15 or prior to serving meals – Annual Sponsor/Site Application for participation in Child Nutrition Programs. File on IWAS under the Application and Claim Entry System (ACES). · September 20th – Certain Quarterly Expenditure Reports for Categorical Grants –The Illinois State Board of Education will notify the school district via E-mail as to which grants must be file on IWAS.
  • End of the first quarter of the fiscal year for most Illinois school districts and, therefore, the last day to adopt the annual budget (105 ILCS 5/17-1). Within 30 days of adoption, the annual budget must be (1) filed with the county clerk (35 ILCS 200/18-50) and (2) transmitted electronically with a deficit reduction plan, if required, to the Illinois State Board of Education (105 ILCS 5/17-1, amended 07/01/2006). If a school district has an Internet web site, the current annual budget must be posted on the web site. Parents or guardians of the school district’s students must be notified of the budget’s availability and the web site address (105 ILCS 5/17-1.2).

2019 Report Card

July Issue of Report Card Rundown Now Available

The Rundown is a monthly data newsletter that outlines all of the Report Card information schools and districts need to know, including data system openings and closings, deadline reminders, and key information regarding changes and updates to the 2019 Report Card.

Also, be sure to visit ISBE’s Illinois Report Card homepage, which is continually updated with tools and information. The site also offers access to the Report Card site and contains issues of The Rundown, as well as Report Card webinars and direct communications. Receive issues of the Rundown via email by electing the Subscribe button on the Illinois Report Card homepage. If you have questions, please contact

School Business Services 

Reminder: Radon Testing and Reporting

Sections 10-20.48 and 34-18.39 of the Illinois School Code recommend that school districts test their school buildings for radon levels every five years. For more information regarding radon testing and to learn more about the harmful effects of high radon levels, please contact the Illinois Emergency Management Agency’s Radon Program at (217) 782-1325. The U.S. EPA also has radon information, which can be found on the EPA's Health Risk of Radon webpage.

School code requires that results of radon testing of a public school building be transmitted to ISBE. They may be mailed to the Illinois State Board of Education, School Business Services, 100 North 1st Street, Springfield, Illinois 62777. Alternatively, an electronic copy may be sent to If you have any questions regarding submitting the results, please contact School Business Services at (217) 785-8779.

Quartile Rankings for FY 2020 Administrative Costs Now Available 

Quartile rankings for the Fiscal Year 2020 Limitation of Administrative Costs Worksheet have been completed and can be found on the ISBE Limitation of Administrative Costs page.

School districts with administrative expenditures in the 25th percentile or below, commonly called the 4th quartile, may waive the limitation following a public hearing and with the affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of the members of the school board. An eligible district that realizes that its Limitation of Administrative Costs budgeted for FY 2020 is going to increase greater than 5 percent can plan to hold a hearing to waive the limitation on the same day as the hearing to adopt the FY 2020 budget. The district may approve the administrative cost waiver at the same meeting as it approves its FY 2020 budget. Alternatively, this hearing could also be held on the same day as any regularly scheduled or special board meeting.

Districts are welcome to use the sample resolution located at the above referenced webpage for the 4th quartile administrative costs waiver.

Any district waiving the limitation shall notify ISBE within 45 days after such action is taken. Districts can accomplish this by sending a copy of the approved and signed board resolution as an email attachment to

If you have questions, contact Michelle Heninger, School Business Services Division, at (217) 785-8779 or

Funding & Disbursements

Reminder: New Law May Require Additional Expenditure Report for FY 2020 Grants

Public Act 100-0997, which was enacted on August 20, 2018, made significant changes to the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA), including the addition of a section that details new expenditure reporting requirements. Section 125 of GATA requires grantees to submit a new expenditure report in the event that a state or federal grant is executed more than 30 days after the effective date of the grant. Beginning with the FY 2020 grant cycle, any state or federal grant that is executed (i.e., approved by ISBE) more than 30 days after the effective date (i.e., start date) of the grant will require the grantee to submit to ISBE an expenditure report that reflects eligible expenditures made from the grant start date up to and including the date of grant execution.

Federal grants administered by ISBE are processed on a reimbursement basis and will require an expenditure report to be submitted through the approval date if the grant is approved more than 30 days after the effective date. State grants administered by ISBE allow grantees to submit monthly payment schedules with their grant application. Previously, ISBE would voucher all scheduled monthly payments through the month the initial application was approved. Under the new law, if a grant is approved more than 30 days after the start date, ISBE will only voucher an amount equal to the initial expenditure report submitted by the grantee. After the initial expenditure report is processed and paid, ISBE will resume normal vouchering of scheduled payments to the grantee.

Grantees are encouraged to submit their initial FY 2020 grant applications to ISBE in timely fashion so that ISBE program staff can review and approve the grants within the 30-day timeframe. That would allow grantees to avoid having to submit the new expenditure report. In summary, all FY 2020 grants that are approved by ISBE 30 days after the effective date will be subject to the new expenditure report requirement.

Below is a summary of the steps that are necessary to fully execute FY 2020 grants:

  1. Complete Registration/Prequalification process on the Illinois Grant Accountability and Transparency Act Grantee Portal and complete the Internal Controls Questionnaire.
  2. Complete and submit the new FY 2020 Organizational Risk Assessment via IWAS.
  3. School Districts Only: Complete and submit the Consolidated District Plan.
  4. Submit FY 2020 grant application(s) to ISBE.
  5. The respective ISBE program area will review grant application and consider it for approval.
Questions regarding this information can be directed to Kim Lewis at or (217) 782-5256.

Early Childhood Education

Reminder: Suspension and Expulsion Training of Trainers

A “Suspension & Expulsion in Early Childhood” workshop has been developed as part of the state’s efforts to coordinate training regarding Public Act 100 – 0105. The purpose of the training is to increase public awareness of the act and to provide access to resources and best practices to effectively address suspensions and expulsions.

One or two professionals/trainers from PD programs are needed per region to attend a Training of Trainers (TOT) in preparation for the rollout of this birth-5 early childhood workshop. Do not send the whole staff, just the staff members who will be responsible for presenting the workshop. The goal of the TOT is to build a pool of trainers across Illinois’ birth-5 early childhood professional development providers who will provide local training to staff and providers.

Below are the dates, times, locations, and registration links for the four regional TOTs: · July 24 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at Carole Robertson Center - 2020 W. Roosevelt Road, Chicago 60608 · Aug. 6 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at Mount Vernon DCFS office - 321 Withers Drive, Mount Vernon 62864 · Aug. 15 from 10 a.m.–4 p.m. at INCCRRA - 1226 Towanda Ave., Bloomington 61701 · Aug. 19 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. at Gail Borden Public Library – 270 N. Grove Ave., Elgin 60120

The “Suspension & Expulsion in Early Childhood” workshop is 2.5 hours long. The identified staff member(s) who complete the TOT can then begin local training. Each TOT participant will receive an electronic copy of the Participant Manual to use during the workshops. Each participant in the workshop is required to use the Participant Manual as well.

Funding Opportunities

The School Climate Transformation Grant Program--Local Educational Agency Grants (SCTG-LEA) provides competitive grants to LEAs to develop, enhance, or expand systems of support for, and technical assistance to, schools implementing a multi-tiered system of support for improving school climate. The SCTG-LEA deadline is July 22. If you have questions about the grant program please contact

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