March Calendar

  • March 1 – Deadline to announce intent to change from half-day to full-day Kindergarten (EBF)
  • March 1 – Deadline to submit name ideas for Illinois’ Storytelling initiative
  • March 1 – Deadline to submit nominations for Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching - Grades 7-12
  • March 4 – Third transmission of Special Education Personnel Employed Approval is electronically filed with the Illinois State Board of Education (105 ILCS 5/14-13.01).
  • March 4 – Third transmission of Special Education Funding and Child Tracking (FACTS) is electronically filed with the Illinois State Board Education (105 ILCS 5/14-7.02, 5/14-7.02b, and 5/14-7.03).
  • March 4 – Special Education Orphanage Student Eligibility Verification is filed with the Illinois State Board of Education using ISBE Form 34-75 (105 ILCS 5/14-7.03)
  • March 6-7 – 2019 Connections CTE Initiative Conference
  • March 8 – Deadline to submit proposals for ISAC 2019 College Changes Everything conference
  • March 11-17 – Illinois Arts Education Week
  • March 11 – Illinois Assessment of Readiness Online Administration Testing Window opens
  • March 11 – Deadline to submit Charter Schools Program - Quality School Options Letter of Intent to Apply Form
  • March 15 –2018-19 5Essentials Survey Window closes
  • March 20 – Illinois State Board of Education Meeting
  • March 25 – Deadline to submit Charter Schools Program - Quality School Options RFP
  • March 26 – Illinois Assessment of Readiness Paper Test Administration Window opens
  • March 28 – School Nutrition Program Orientation Training
  • March 29 – Deadline for submitting School Nutrition Champions nominations
  • March 31 – Deadline to submit IDEA Procedural Change Acknowledgment and Extension application

Other tasks that could be addressed during the month of March 2019:

  • Bid preparation and solicitation.
  • Continue to prepare budget and financial projections.
  • Schedule independent audit.
  • Check with Summer School Programs to make sure facilities and tuition collection procedures are aligned.

Cessation of Cash Disbursements Plan

ISBE detailed in the Feb. 5 Superintendent’s Weekly Message that it had implemented a cash disbursements plan based on the previous federal government shutdown and the possibility of a future prolonged impasse. ISBE has confirmed that the recent agreement passed by Congress and signed by the President includes funding to the U.S. Department of Agriculture for the Child Nutrition Programs for the remainder of fiscal year 2019. The assurance of funding through FY 2019 will allow ISBE to cease with the implementation of the cash disbursements plan. All school-based claims and future school-based claims will be reimbursed at 100 percent. ISBE will process the FY 2019 WINS School-Based Programs Prorated payments file and voucher the remaining reimbursement today (Feb. 20, 2019) for entities that submitted claims in early February and received partial or no reimbursement due to the implementation of the cash disbursements plan. Please view the "FY 2019 WINS School-Based Programs Prorated Payments to FRIS" file to determine the amount of reimbursement you have received and the amount of reimbursement still to be received. This file is current as of Feb. 19, 2019. All eligible school-based claims received after this date will be reimbursed at normal rates. All eligible school-based claims received after this date will be reimbursed at normal rates. We are pleased that funding is now secured as we continue our work toward equitable outcomes for all students. Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this time. Please contact the Nutrition Division at or (800) 545-7892 with any questions or concerns. Questions regarding child nutrition payments should be directed to Funding and Disbursement Services at (217) 782-5256.

REMINDER: Deadline to Announce Intent to Change from Half-Day to Full-Day Kindergarten is March 1

The Evidence-Based Funding (EBF) formula creates an Adequacy Target for each district based on total average student enrollment and English Learner and low-income enrollment populations. Kindergarten students are assigned a value of 0.5 if they attend a half day and a value of 1.0 if they attend a full day. Per Public Act 100-0465, a school district may inform the State Board of Education of its intent to change from half-day to full-day kindergarten. Taking this action will convert kindergarten attendance to full day for purposes of calculating EBF in the following year. The deadline to report this information is March 1. Any school district that wishes to make this change for the 2019-20 school year must provide ISBE with a board resolution expressing the intent to make the change for the next school year, as well as the minutes from the meeting when this was approved. School districts may submit these documents to Ethelene Ferdinand at ISBE via email at If you have questions, please call the State Funding and Forecasting Division at (217) 782-0249 or email your questions to

Consolidated District Plan Now Open in eGMS for FY 2020 Federal Formula Grants; Webinar Information

ISBE is excited to launch Phase 1 of the IL ePLan – the Consolidated District Plan – which will consolidate and streamline the federal grant application and management process to reduce the burden on grantees and support holistic service to students. The Consolidated District Plan is now open in eGMS for FY 2020 grants. The Consolidated District Plan allows grantees to answer one set of planning questions to meet the requirements for all 12 of the federal formula grants. Building on recent eGMS improvements, the Consolidated District Plan pre-populates with a grantee’s narrative responses from previous years’ plans, where applicable. Collecting and coordinating this information up front will streamline individual FY 2020 grant applications. ISBE will release Phases 2 and 3 of the IL ePlan, -- an interactive dashboard and a Consolidated Grant Application, respectively -- in FY 2021. The IL ePlan represents more than a year of inquiry into the best systems around the country and the needs of Illinois educators, practitioners, and students. The IL ePlan supports planning and grant management that takes multiple funding sources into consideration to fully meet each student’s needs and helps ISBE understand each grantee holistically, so we can provide improved technical assistance grounded in equity.

FDA ‘Dangers of Vaping’ Posters Being Distributed

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is working with Scholastic to distribute youth e-cigarette prevention posters to every high school in the United States. These posters were developed as part of the FDA’s “The Real Cost” E-Cigarette Prevention Campaign, which launched in September 2018, and aim to educate teens on the dangers of e-cigarette use. The posters are intended to be displayed in high school bathrooms – a location where teens are often faced with the decision to use e-cigarettes. The posters were initially distributed last fall as part of the campaign launch to more than 10,000 high schools. There has been high demand for the posters, so FDA, in conjunction with Scholastic, will now send them to the more than 20,000 remaining public and private high schools in the United States. Schools do not need to request these posters; they are being proactively mailed directly to schools. In addition to providing the “The Real Cost” campaign posters to high schools, FDA has developed two new posters for use by doctors, youth groups, churches, state and local public health agencies, and others who may find these resources helpful in educating youth on the dangers of e-cigarette use. The posters, which also address the potential health consequences of e-cigarette use, are available for download or for print via the CTP Exchange Lab.

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