Fall 2023

Cover Story

Forecasting Capital Expenditures in Volatile Markets

Sustainability and energy-saving initiatives have emerged as powerful cost saving strategies that districts have embraced to combat the increasing costs in our volatile market. In this article, you will follow the journey of two districts that transitioned to electric buses and learn the best strategies to employ when approaching capital improvements. 

By  Mark Altmayer, Alison Andrews and Tim Farquer


How Does Cash Flow Influence Purchasing Decisions?

The stress of making sound financial decisions in school districts will always be a challenge. Gain an understanding of using data-driven evaluation of purchased goods and materials to creatively approach funding options to ensure your district can provide a world-class education to all students within your district.

By Michael Eichhorn and Becky Thompson

Managing Relationships with Multiple Advisors

School leaders in charge of facilities, financing and investments often manage multiple outside professionals, including construction managers, architects, engineers, financial and investment banking experts and investment advisors. Effective communication is the key to ensuring there is no overlap or misunderstanding regarding the scope of services that each advisor is providing. 

By Dr. Laurie Heinz, Elizabeth Hennessy, Diana McCluskey and Joe Papanicholas

Arbitrage & Rebate
Know the Rules
About Investing Proceeds of Tax-Exempt Bonds for School Districts

Learn the rules school districts need to know about investing proceeds of Tax-Exempt Bonds. Federal tax rules place restrictions on the investment of proceeds of Tax-Exempt Bonds. These restrictions are designed to prohibit public entities from issuing Tax-Exempt Bonds and using the proceeds to purchase higher-yielding investments.

By Kyle Harding and Kevin Heid

Borrowing Options in a Time of Crisis

Explore borrowing options associated with cash flow challenges your district may be facing. Learn about internal solutions to funding challenges along with the short-term and long-term alternatives which are available. 

By Anne E. Noble

A Closer Look at Managing Cash Flow

Gain insight on how cash flow management affects a district and discover best practices as well as how to create an accurate cash flow plan to meet financial obligations.

By Audra Braski, Charles Czachor and Kelsey Guyan