Leading Yourself, Leading Others and Leading Your Boss AAC #1625

This full-day academy is designed to develop and provide insight into administrators’ behavioral leadership skills through analysis and assessment of what relational skills are needed to lead yourself, others and your boss. The behavioral assessment matrix has been developed and copyrighted by Steve Treacy of Steve Treacy & Associates.

  • Participants will analyze the task maturity behavior of both direct reports and their boss. They will then identify an appropriate leadership style to pair with their assessment. The correlation of the leadership style to the task behavior will enable the participant to develop an action plan to take in the relationship; ultimately leading to improved communication and leadership outcomes.
  • Participants will assess their own purpose and mission in how they lead themselves and will build improved leadership of self into their action plan on how to lead others and achieve better outcomes for themselves and for their school districts.
  • Participants will earn six hours of Administrator Academy credit.

Bring this valuable training to your administrative team! Pricing varies based on the number of participants. For more information, please contact Susan Bertrand at (630) 542-7001.

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