Administrative Team Training

Bring beneficial Administrator Academies into your district! Illinois ASBO facilitators will lead the discussion and help your team members analyze their survey results, understand each other’s leadership styles and learn how to communicate better within your team.

Pricing for each in-district training varies based on the length of the program and number of participants.

For more information regarding administrative team development and pricing information please contact Jennifer Corbin at (815) 753-9365.

Team Development Offerings


Life Orientations (LIFO®) Training

Life Orientations is a full day academy that allows each participant to identify their own behavioral leadership style.


Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI®) Academy

Through this analysis, leaders gain perspective into how they see themselves as leaders, how others view them and what actions they can take to improve their effectiveness.


MBTI® Administrator Academy

Leaders can understand their unique personality type and how their preferred style relates to their ability to communicate, make decisions, lead change and manage conflict.


FIRO-B® Administrator Academy

Working their personal FIRO-B results, participants gain an understanding of their expressed and wanted needs for inclusion, control and affection.

Leading Academy

Leading Yourself, Leading Others and Leading Your Boss 

This academy is designed to develop and provide insight into administrators’ behavioral leadership skills through analysis and assessment of what relational skills are needed to lead yourself, others and your boss.

Learning From Lincoln

Learning from Lincoln Academy

Participants in this course will explore how Lincoln’s leadership practices and behaviors provide compelling guidance for today’s challenges of accountability, diversity, political conflict, team building, climate, and economic hardship.

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The Leader Practice Inventory (LPI) instrument and process applies to leadership at all levels! It created an open environment for addressing areas of improvement.” 

Dr. Michael LubelfeldSuperintendent, Deerfield Public SD 109
I brought the MBTI facilitation to my district because I had taken the individual training and thought a profile of each of my administrators would be beneficial to both them and me. And it was. It was a fun academy with plenty of chatter and sharing, and we still use the results in administrative meetings.”

Dennis J. Smith Former Superintendent, Massac Unit SD 1
Being a new administrative team, we were searching for training that would help us understand our own behavioral styles and how we interact with each other.  Life Orientations Training (LIFO) did just that. It was fun, engaging and interactive! I would highly recommend LIFO training for new administrative teams or existing teams who desire to learn more about what "makes them tick!"
      Patrick Broncato
       Superintendent, Woodridge Elem. SD 68