Spring 2021


Cover Story

Operations in Pandemic

The pandemic has challenged school leaders, partner firms and staff at all levels to think on their feet, collaborate and quickly respond to ever-changing guidelines.

By Stuart Brodksy, Steven Kowalski, Ron Richardson, AIA, Eric Rogers, Dr. Lyndl Schuster and Dan Whisler


Virtual Learning: Beyond Next Semester

Some form of virtual or remote learning is here to stay, and as a result, will have a lasting impact on education in many areas. 
By John Connolly, Todd Dugan, Scott Miller, Don Ringelestein and Craig Williams, RCDD/NTS

Uncovering Universal Truths of Cleaning Schools

Uncover four universal truths about cleaning that have always been constants but have come to the forefront during the pandemic.
By Brian Rominski and Doug Renkosik

Transportation Issues & COVID-19

Read about solutions districts have found to some of the common COVID-19 related transportation issues.
By Jan Bush

How to Work with What You Have

COVID-19 has presented the facility operations world with ample challenges, but also opportunities to take some time and ensure the most optimal performance of your existing systems.
By Mandeep Singh, CCP, LEED-AP

Food Service in Pandemic: How We Responded

When Governor Pritzker ordered Illinois to close due to COVID-19 in March of 2020, school districts had to shift gears and figure out how to serve students.
By Georgia Marshall

Creating a Safety Net Through Strategic Budgeting

Budgeting strategies to help ensure that current and future resources will be sufficient to support and maintain the best possible educational programs for the students.
By Mark Staehlin