Uncovering Universal Truths of Cleaning Schools


Uncovering Universal Truths of Cleaning Schools

By Brian Rominski
Dir./Buildings & Grounds
Prospect Heights SD 23

Doug Renkosik
Dir./Operations & Maintenance
Huntley CSD 158

It has now been over one year since the pandemic has afflicted the daily operations of schools across the United States. For all of us on the operations side of school business, daily routines and any reasonable semblance of planning consists of:
  • Navigating ever-changing recommendations and guidelines.
  • Overanalyzing health and data metrics.
  • Balancing the nuances of “shall we, should we and could we,” while supporting teacher’s determined efforts to educate our students.
  • Buying additional cleaning supplies and disinfectants along with new, and larger quantities, of personal protective equipment (all subject to supply chain issues).
  • Handling a constant barrage of unknown vendors offering services that do not have anything to do with their core business, all in the name of “helping you through this pandemic.” Reviewing new gadgets, widgets and gizmos with unproven track records and efficacy, never before utilized in the school setting.
  • Gaining a heightened awareness and expectation of cleaning and disinfection by individuals that either never thought about it before or simply assumed a certain level of care.

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