Winter 2020


Cover Story

How to Market Your District

Stand out as an employer to attract the best talent.
By Tom Jackson, APR


Budgeting for Results

Leveraging Evidence-Based Funding Including Core FTE Recommendations to Improve Budgeting and Planning
By Matt Bubness

Handle with Care

Navigating your way through a difficult conversation
By Susie Murtaugh and Leah Waser

Recruitment & Selection for Hard to Staff Positions

Over the past decade, Deerfield Public Schools District 109 has worked to refine a search and selection process that has consistently yielded high quality candidates across a number of specialized areas.
By John Filippi, Ed.D., CSBO and Dale Fisher, Ed.D., pHLCE, CSBO

Your TRS Rulebook

Having solid understanding of TRS regulations, including a newly amended salary rule, can help you quickly resolve employment issues.
By Brittany Flaherty Theis and Stuart L. Whitt

Working Side by Side

Planning to Improve Wellbeing for Multiple Generations in the Workplace
By Heather Eastman and Rebecca StarrĀ 
Adapted from an article by: Mary Novak-Jandrey

Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse Workforce

If each staff member brings their experiences and perspectives to the school community, students will benefit because the school experiences will then reflect their different identities.
By Dr. Robert Lang and Pete Theis