Promoting Your Value

School Business officials are shaping much more than dollars every day in their districts: They are responsible for the management of resources to ensure every aspect of the school district, from food service to technology infrastructure, provides a safe and effective learning environment for children.

As a professional Association, part of our role is to promote that profession to those who need to know its value. To support both the profession and our members, we created the Value of the Profession Series.


Resources to Help Promote the Value of the Profession


School Business Official: Indispensable Investment Brochure

Use this brochure to help stakeholders get a better picture of what a school business official does, why they are an indispensable resource to school districts of any size, and why it is important to continue to invest in their success after bringing them into the district.


School Business Officials: Partners in Legislation Brochure

Use this brochure as you lobby with legislators to help them understand what school business officials do, why they should be consulted on any decision that involves school finance and operations and how legislators can tap into their expertise through Illinois ASBO.


School Business Official Roadmap to Success

Once you have invested in a school business official as a member of your administrative team, continue to invest in their success through their development and training.

Refer to the School Business Official Roadmap to Success to get a recommended path of professional development that will help your newly hired or trained school business official reach their potential.

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Career Resources

Illinois ASBO Job Bank

Search for your next position in the field of school business management.


Money Savings of School Business Officials 

Share the stories of how school business officials have achieved savings for their districts.

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Career Transition Guidance

Whether it is your first day on the job, you are transitioning out of a district or you are in danger of a career crisis - there are resources here to support you in every crossroad.

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School Business Official Contract Checklist

See key elements that are worthy of consideration within a school business contract.

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University Partnership Programs

Illinois ASBO has partnered with Northern Illinois University, Southern Illinois University and Concordia University Chicago to further your school business education.

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Mentoring Services

Find Illinois ASBO members are ready and willing to assist your district through mentoring relationships.