School Business Official Recruitment & Selection

Congratulations on your decision to bring the experience and expertise of a school business official (SBO) to your district!

At a time when resources are limited, hiring an SBO is a solid investment in the success of your organization. Illinois ASBO is committed to walking with you step by step through the process of finding the right person for your district. Once they are hired, we are dedicated to the continued success of your school business official in realizing their potential, as they connect to a vast array of resources and a network of fellow professionals.

Download a PDF version of the Superintendent's Guide to SBO Recruitment, Hiring & Evaluation.

Six Steps to Hiring a School Business Official

1. Determine the Role of Your SBO

Download and complete this SBO Task and Function Checklist to understand the scope of duties that you are looking for your school business official to perform. From there, you will have a framework to refer to as you continue on to the next steps in the process.

download checklist

2. Determine, Title, Qualifications and Salary Range

See typical titles and qualifications of SBOs based on their scope of responsibilities, as well as salary ranges. 


3. Create a Job Description

As a starting point you can use to create a job description that fits the role you want your SBO to play, download and customize one of the following sample job descriptions:

Asst. Superintendent for Business
Business Manager/Dir. of Finance

*Note: Any position where a CSBO endorsement is required must also reflect CSBO in the title (i.e. Business Manager/CSBO; Assistant Supt. for Business/CSBO; CFO/CSBO; etc.)

download checklist

4. Find a Qualified Candidate

Once you have decided the role of your school business official and selected your desired qualifications, you have many options to find the best possible candidate for the position.


5. Interviewing and Selection

Download and customize this list of Sample Interview Questions to get a starting point to determine what questions you would like to have answered at different stages in the interview and selection process.

Download questions

6. Commit to Their Professional Growth

Once you have invested in a school business official as a member of your administrative team, continue to invest in their success through their development and training.  The School Business Official Roadmap to Success provides a recommended path of professional development.

access roadmap