Professional Development Committees

Professional Development Committees (PDCs) create learning opportunities and provide relevant content that makes Illinois ASBO indispensable to members. Share your knowledge in this collaborative environment by joining a PDC today!

Illinois ASBO PDC

Professional Development Committee Listing

Which committee will you join? Illinois ASBO has 20 different PDCs that provide a community for nearly every specialty within school business management.


Join the PDC Networking Meeting on Friday, May 6 Alongside Conference Attendees!
The PDC Networking Meeting is open to those who are not attending Annual Conference, but you need to register for the meeting if you plan to attend!

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The Value of PDC Participation

Through a speaking opportunity, I became more aware of PDCs. By attending committee meetings, I get to know people and find out what is really on the mind of school business officials. I learn what they are looking for to help them solve problems, educate them and get their questions answered. It is about all of us together doing group problem solving and putting our minds together — school district members, Service Associates and Illinois ASBO staff.”

Kenneth M. Florey
Partner, Robbins, Schwartz, Nicholas, Lifton & Taylor, Ltd.