Interim Services

If your district is in need of an interim school business official, look no further than Illinois ASBO! We keep an updated list of retired business officials, recent school business management graduates and others seeking employment in a school business capacity. These individuals represent expertise and special interests including negotiations, transportation, food service and more.

If you are looking to fill an interim position:

  1. Contact Holly Wallace at You will be asked to provide a short job description, as well as contact information.
  2. Your job opening will be sent out to our interim list via email.
  3. Individuals interested in the position will contact you and negotiate employment.

Resources for Recruitment, Retention & Training

Why Hire a School Business Official?

School business officials bring more than just financial expertise to a school district  — they are a valuable resources to your leadership team.

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SBO Recruitment & Selection 

Considering hiring but not sure where to start? This guide walks you through all the key steps in recruiting and hiring a qualified school business professional.

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SBO Evaluation

Since there is no mandated format for evaluation of school business officials, get ideas for how to guide a constructive evaluation process.


SBO Contract Checklist

Want to reach a mutually beneficial agreement? See examples of language used in employment contracts for school business officials.

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Roadmap to Success

See a recommended path of professional development for school business officials at any stage in their career. 

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Job Bank

Ready to hire? Post your open position on the Illinois ASBO Job Bank, a go-to resources for school business professionals seeking employment.

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Illinois ASBO Programs & Services


Sponsored Programs

See a list of beneficial programs through partnerships with product and service providers for school districts.


Administrative Team Trainings

Illinois ASBO facilitators will lead the discussion within your district and help your team members understand each other’s leadership styles and learn how to communicate better.


Operational Reviews/Program Audits

Get help analyzing the school business operations within your district.