Evaluating Your School Business Official

Developing an evaluation system for a school business official (SBO) can be an effective way to increase the performance and productivity of a key employee. In school districts there are typically other evaluation processes, forms and methodologies that apply to instructional and operational personnel, but they fall short in providing appropriate summative and formative feedback for school business personnel. That is the reason Illinois ASBO has developed this resource.

The following components are included in the guide:

  • A brief summary of potential methods for conducting effective employee evaluations.
  • Sample evaluation instruments you can download and customize.
  • FAQs regarding statutory evaluation guidelines for school business personnel.
Download a PDF version of the Superintendent's Guide to SBO Recruitment, Hiring & Evaluation.


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Statutory Evaluation Guidelines

Wondering who evaluates a school business official or how school business official evaluations relate to the Performance Evaluation Reform Act (PERA) laws? Get answers to your questions regarding the evaluation of school business officials.

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Methods of Conducting Evaluations

There are many ways to conduct an evaluation. Some common methods that can be incorporated into the evaluation process for school business officials may include:


This can be incorporated into most methods and “gives the employee an opportunity to objectively reflect on their performance, to consider what they’ve done well and where they’ve fallen short, and then to share their perspective with their supervisor.”*

*From How To Do Performance Reviews Right, Jon Picoult, Forbes Magazine Online (2009)

Gap Analysis

Recognizing the value of self-evaluation, in this method both the supervisor and employee fill out the standardized scale evaluation. Gaps are identified between the employee and supervisor’s view of the employee’s role and leadership competencies. These “gaps” can then become areas as a focus for discussion and goal setting.

Goal Setting

This allows both the supervisor and the employee to supply goals for the coming year. In subsequent years, these goals are reviewed and new goals are created.

Standardized Scale

In this method, the supervisor rates the employee using a scale system. This can be combined with goal setting.

Sample Evaluation Documents

Goal Setting Worksheet

Use this to create goals for employee and supervisor goals for the next fiscal year.


Leadership Competency Evaluation

Evaluate the success of your business official in key leadership traits. 


Role Competency Evaluation

Evaluate based on the competencies used in your business official's job description.