Awarding Credit for Regionals

Would you like to award PD credit for attendance at your upcoming regional meeting? Illinois ASBO has established a process and timeline for submitting credit for attending a Regional Meeting. Review detailed instructions for awarding credits.

Process and Timeline

  1. Download ISBE 73-58 form and either the Illinois ASBO PD Activity Form without Standards or the Illinois ASBO PD Activity Form with Standards.
  2. Send both completed forms to Holly Wallace at one week prior to event date.
  3. Have attendees sign-in and out at event.
  4. Scan sign-in sheet and email to Holly Wallace within two business days after the event.
  5. A survey will be sent out to attendees within 5 business days of receiving the sign-in sheet.
  6. Credits will be awarded within 30 days of the event to members only who have registered for the meeting and signed in and out.

For questions regarding credits please contact Holly Wallace at

Additional Resources

Illinois ASBO PD
Activity Form

Access the professional development activity proposal form. Note: All forms must be approved by a PDC or Regional Chair.

Form with ISBE Standards

Form Without ISBE Standards

ISBE  73-58 Activity
Proposal Form

Access the ISBE activity proposal form. Use - Region, County, District, Type Code:  16-019-026P-00.

Access form

Detailed Illinois
Learning Standards

Review the Illinois Learning Standards information to fill out the forms you need to submit for your event.