Monarch Award

The Monarch Award is one of the highest honors that Illinois ASBO bestows upon its members. The award is not just a measure of extraordinary deeds or a lengthy career – it is a recognition of those school business officials who, throughout their career and lifetime, have demonstrated excellence in service to their school district, communities and their profession. This award is a celebration of the best school business management has to offer. (Up to three awarded per year)

$1,000 will be presented in the name of the Monarch Award recipient(s), to encourage and support community service work by students in their districts.

Nominations for the Monarch award are now open and are due October 15.

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Congratulations to the 2021 Monarch Award Recipients! 

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Vickie L. Nissen

Increasing Our Value in the Community

I think it is important that we all succeed in this profession. Through our joint success, we can increase our value and develop stronger respect in the school community. The Foundation provides business officials with the encouragement and recognition to continue to provide support and leadership in our communities."

–Vickie L. Nissen
2017 Monarch Award Winner