Mentoring Services

Are you a new Superintendent with limited school finance background? Have you recently hired a school business official who is new to the profession? Do you need help understanding a specific area or task within school business management?

Anyone who has been in school business for long, knows that having many mentors is key not only to get off the ground running, but to sustain a career in the field. Illinois ASBO members are ready and willing to assist your district through mentoring relationships.

To find a mentor for you or your staff:

1. Contact Illinois ASBO.

To request a mentor, contact Holly Wallace at (815) 762-0317.

2. Get Your Mentor(s) Assigned.

Holly will contact your local Illinois ASBO Regional Organization asking for volunteer mentors.

3.  Make a Connection.

After compiling this information, she will share it with both you and your potential mentors so you can get in touch!

The goal is to provide you with three to five peers that will be able to guide you and/or your staff through weekly phone, face-to-face or email communication.

Career Resources

Illinois ASBO Job Bank

Search for your next position in the field of school business management.


School Business Official Roadmap to Success

See a recommended path of programs and professional development for every stage in your career. 

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Career Transition Guidance

Whether it is your first day on the job, you are transitioning out of a district or you are in danger of a career crisis - there are resources here to support you in every crossroad.

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School Business Official Contract Checklist

See key elements that are worthy of consideration within a school business contract.

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University Partnership Programs

Illinois ASBO has partnered with Northern Illinois University, Southern Illinois University and Concordia University Chicago to further your school business education.

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Lunch & Learn Webinars 

These one hour professional development offerings, designed to help new SBOs in key tactical areas, are free for Illinois ASBO members.



A Culture of Sharing

The culture at Illinois ASBO has taught me that we are all students. It is something I learned immediately when I started to participate in Illinois ASBO. There is such a value learning from others’ areas of expertise. Every person that you meet at Illinois ASBO has a skill set to share.”

– Jan J. Bush
Business Manager
Murphysboro CUSD 186