Non-Degree CSBO Endorsement Program


A student already possessing a Master’s Degree must meet special requirements to be eligible for this 33-semester-hour program. Students, under the direction of an advisor, will plan a program of studies which will include coursework, internship, and field experiences directly related to the school business management functions in elementary and secondary or college educational systems.

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A student will be considered eligible to apply for Permission to Pursue the Chief School Business Official (CSBO) Endorsement only if he/she falls into one of the following categories:

Category 1
The student is formally admitted to a degree program in Educational Administration or School Business Management.
Category 2
The student is formally admitted to a post-master's degree program in an area other than Educational Administration or School Business Management.
Category 3
The student holds a qualifying master's degree from a teacher accredited institution and desires to pursue a non-degree/certification-only program.

Students in Category 1 shall ordinarily be granted "Permission to Pursue the CSBO Endorsement" status as part of the procedures for admission to the Educational Administration or School Business Management degree program(s).

Students in Categories 2 and 3 shall be considered for admission to the "Permission to Pursue the CSBO Endorsement" status upon completing the necessary application and providing required information and materials. To be granted "Permission to Pursue the CSBO Endorsement" status, all students must, in the professional judgment of the faculty, satisfy Faculty of Educational Administration and School Business Management standards for admission to the Master's degree program in Educational Administration or School Business Management.


Persons who are applying for certification only may be permitted to register for courses in school business management as a student-at-large providing: (1) they hold a master's degree from a college or university whose requirements are essentially equivalent to those of this university, and (2) they have been granted permission to register as students-at-large by the Graduate School. Permission to register as a student-at-large should not be confused with admission to the Graduate School or with "Permission to Pursue the CSBO Endorsement" status. 

Students who have been classified as students-at-large are restricted to enrollment in the following courses: 

  • LEEA 500, Educational Organization: Principles, Concepts, and Structure; 
  • LEBM 501, School Business Management; 
  • LEEA 520, Educational Finance; 
  • LEBM 521, Accounting, Statement Analysis & Budgeting; 
  • LEBM 550, Financial Planning & School Budgeting; 
  • LEBM 525, Legal Aspects of School Business Management; 
  • LEBM 621, Advanced School Fund Accounting & Budgeting;
  • LEBM 586, Internship in School Business Management

Applications for the CSBO Endorsement may be obtained by writing: David Snow– Dept of LEPF, Graham Hall 223, DeKalb, Illinois 60115. Contact David Snow at (815) 753-1465 or at


Upon notification of admission to either the Master's Degree program or the Certification Only program in School Business Management, the student should contact the academic advisor to plan a program of courses. An official program of studies should be filed with the Graduate School before or during the semester for which the student is admitted. Failure to file a program on a timely basis may result in the loss of credit.


To remain in good academic standing, a student must maintain a 3.00 GPA in all graduate course work in the major field as well as in the total program.


It is the responsibility of students to know and observe all regulations and procedures relating to the program they are pursuing as may be found in the Graduate Catalog and/or various documents of the program, department, and college. In no case will a regulation be waived or an exception granted because students plead ignorance of, or contend that they were not informed of, the regulations or procedures.

Key Program Contacts

NIU Contact (Advisement, Registration, Graduation, Certification)

David Snow
Graduate Program Advisor
(815) 753-1465

Illinois ASBO Contact (Membership, Payment, Refunds)

Nicole Lee
Member Relations Associate
(815) 753-9305

Program Details

NIU/Illinois ASBO Partnership

See the benefits of earning your CSBO through this partnership program.

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Program Costs & Payment

Program costs, Illinois ASBO membership information and payment options.

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Illinois ASBO Membership Benefits

Students in this program will automatically become members of Illinois ASBO and receive all of the benefits afforded practicing school business officials in Illinois.

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