Program Cost & Payment

Illinois ASBO contracts with Northern Illinois University to deliver the School Business Management Program. Students in the program become Student Premier members of Illinois ASBO. This membership category is only available to those individuals who are enrolled in this program pursuing a Master’s Degree or the Non Degree Certificate Only Program (CSBO Certification in School Business Management). Student Premier members must meet the admission standards of Northern Illinois University serving the program (only student premier members can enroll in this program).

Students not in good standing with both partners (NIU and Illinois ASBO) will be prohibited or removed from registration and/or participation in the program.


The following pricing reflects the Spring 2022 Cohort program costs. Program pricing is subject to change based on cohort start date. Illinois ASBO will send you an invoice at the beginning of each semester for LEEA and LEBM courses only.

Winter 2020

One Hour Course:
Two Hour Course:
Three Hour Course:

* Textbooks, special printing fees and other costs are not included. If a person is already an Illinois ASBO member before joining the program, a prorate share of their dues for the current year will be refunded.


Membership is for four (4) months for each term:
  • Spring Term = January, February, March, April
  • Summer Term = May, June, July, August
  • Fall Term = September, October, November, December


Option 1 – Full Payment. Upon receipt of invoice, payment is due and payable to Illinois ASBO. The invoiced amount will be based on how many credit hours of classes taken each semester. Full payment may be made either by check or credit card (MasterCard, VISA, Discover or AMEX). Tuition waivers and the GI bill cannot be accepted as payment for LEEA or LEBM courses in this cohort.
Option 2 – Installment Payments. Three (3) installment payments may be scheduled and must be made by credit card only. Charges will automatically be made to your credit card on the scheduled dates determined by the student and Illinois ASBO. The refund policy will not apply if paying by installments.
Students who are not current in payments by the end of the term cannot enroll in the next course term.


To be eligible, fees/membership dues must have been paid in full during the first month of the term. A refund request must be made in writing. A student who withdraws from a course (but remains enrolled in some course work) within the first 15 calendar days beginning with the first regularly scheduled class day of the withdrawn course may be eligible for a refund of 100% of fees associated with that course. If the course withdrawal is after the 15th calendar day, but no later than the 30th calendar day, the student may receive a refund of 25% of the fees associated with that course.

Key Program Contacts

NIU Contact (Advisement, Registration, Graduation, Certification)

David Snow
Graduate Program Advisor
(815) 753-1465

Illinois ASBO Contact (Membership, Payment, Refunds)

Carla Paschal
Chief Financial Officer
(815) 753-6102

Program Details

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Program Description

Learn about one of the state's most highly respected training programs for school business professionals.

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Sample Course Sequence

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Due to this unique partnership, students enrolled in these programs will automatically become members of Illinois ASBO and receive all of the benefits afforded practicing school business officials in Illinois.

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