Facilities Operations Program

Facility Management has changed dramatically over the years to include a wide range of responsibilities – from custodial, maintenance and grounds to legal issues, long-range planning, emergency management and much more. The Facilities Operations Program provides a consistent standard for the development of high quality school facilities professionals. The knowledge base lays the groundwork of what a facility professional needs to know to succeed in their chosen field.

Facilities Operations Program

A Flexible Program to Meet Your Needs

Using the Good School Maintenance* manual as the core curriculum, the Facilities Operations Program is divided into four courses:
  • Base Course: Essentials of Facilities Management
  • Elective Course: Essentials of Maintenance Operations
  • Elective Course: Essentials of Grounds Operations
  • Elective Course: Essentials of Custodial Operations

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Course Offerings


Essentials of Facilities Management

Managing school facilities requires a specific knowledge base that isn’t taught elsewhere. Explore school-specific topics including accounting and funding sources, required training for facilities staff and inspections to be done in-house, outsourced or by the government. Learn management skills that cover legislation, evaluations, hiring, leadership styles and discipline. 

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Essentials of Maintenance Operations

Get an overview of maintenance operations including maintaining interior and exterior surfaces and systems, roof care, HVAC, electrical, electronic and low voltage systems, sanitary and sewage. Each lesson throughout the day will focus in on one of these areas and provide best practices. 

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Essentials of Grounds Operations

Effective grounds management requires organization, balancing demands, overcoming obstacles and encouraging growth within your team. Get insights into these challenges, then learn about key topics including tree and shrub care, building and maintaining a lawn and caring for bituminous paving.  

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Essentials of Custodial Operations

Get insights on how to organize your custodial operations, then dive into the specifics of each topic area. Learn about area cleaning programs for specific rooms within the school building and the procedures and services required inside and outside the facility. Review equipment and supplies needed for your operation and maintenance considerations for synthetic countertops and tabletops. 

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