Speaker Resources

Presenting at an upcoming conference, seminar or online presentation?  Get ideas, tips and recommendations to help you prepare for a successful presentation in our Presenter Toolkit.

PowerPoint Design Guidelines

  • All Presenters must use the Illinois ASBO PowerPoint Template.  

Do not use any other templates as the introductory slide must be included in all presentations. How to merge the PowerPoint Template with Google Docs

  • Keep Text to a Minimum

PowerPoint should assist you in delivering your presentation and are not the main source of information. Limit the amount of information on a single slide. Stick to one main idea per slide and limit yourself to using no more than three bullet points per slide. 

  • Use Large Font Sizes

Remember, those sitting in the back of the room should still be able to read the slide.  Consider using 40 pts for headings and going no smaller than 28 pts for the content text.

  • Make Sure Fonts Are Readable

Avoid using script or decorative fonts that could be hard to read. Recommended fonts include Verdana, Calibri, Palatino, Tahoma, Georgia or Times.

  • Enhance Data with Charts or Graphs

Use charts or graphs to make abstract data easier to understand.   Keep size in mind, as too much information will be difficult for audience to see.

  • Be Consistent with Style Settings

Keep your design style and fonts consistent across all slides to ensure that the entire presentation is visually appealing.

  • Use Color Sparingly

Color can make your presentation more visually appealing, however use sparingly.  Avoid red letters, which are difficult for some people to read. The best readability comes from high contrast of intensity rather than by clashing colors.  Instead use color to highlight an idea or take away.

  • Add Contact Information

Be sure to include your contact information on the last slide of your presentation to allow attendees to contact you with follow-up questions.

  • Remember, it's always a good idea to bring a backup copy of your presentation!
Review other helpful tips on our Speaker Resource Page.

Seminar Speaker Resources

For those speakers/presenters involved in half day and full day seminars held throughout the fiscal year and typically generated by Illinois ASBO’s Professional Development Committees (PDCs).

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Annual Conference

Refer to this page when involved as a speaker for Illinois ASBO’s Annual Conference held in the spring.

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Emerging SBO Summit

Refer to this page when involved as a speaker for this event that is specifically built for business officials in the early stages of their careers.

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Bookkeepers Conference

Refer to this page when involved as a speaker for this Conference that is designed specifically for bookkeepers and administrative office staff. This Conference is held every year in March.

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This partnered Conference between Illinois ASBO, Illinois Computer Educators and Illinois Educational Technology Leaders is held in October every year.  

Regional Conferences

These partnered conferences between Illinois ASBO and Illinois Association of School Personnel Administrators are held in October every year. 

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Facilities Professionals Conference

This conference provides facilities personnel the opportunity to learn, connect and address the topics that are essential to facility operations.


Joint Annual Conference

This partnered Conference between IASB, IASA and Illinois ASBO is held at the end of November every year.

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Refer to this page when involved as a speaker for this Conference that is built specifically for support professionals. This Conference is held in December every year.

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