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8:35am - 9:35am | Super Sectional

Unlearning Leadership
The world is changing faster than our schools are adapting. It takes a mindset of unlearning old realities to make room for the changes necessary to lead for tomorrow's schools today. Join an interactive and engaging session to help you get out of your comfort zone and into this new paradigm of leadership!
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Michael Lubelfeld, Ed.D.
 Superintendent, North Shore SD 112 @mikelubelfeld

Nick Polyak, Ed.D. Superintendent, Leyden CHSD 212 @npolyak

9:45am - 10:45am

Educational Facility Master Planning: From Dreams to Referendum

Dreaming big? You can make it happen, but it is a process that is not always smooth. Come and make sure you have thought of everything — from boundaries and learning spaces to finances, technology, communications and more.
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Bradley Goldstein 
Chief Financial Officer, CSBO, Winnetka SD 36
Maureen Miller
 Dir./Technology, Winnetka SD 36 @mmiller112
Adam Rappaport Dir./Buildings & Grounds, Winnetka SD 36

Working Together to Enhance Instruction

What does the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) need to do to win the trust of the Chief School Business Official (CSBO)? How can the CSBO cooperate with their technology directors to maximize the benefit of technology for students? In a lively discussion format of sharing success stories and challenges, join experienced panelists to examine how these leaders can work together, and how both CTOs and CSBOs can best work with teachers to improve instruction.

Scott Blumberg
Dir./Business Services, Oak Grove SD 68
R.J. Gravel, III, Ed.D. Asst. Supt./Business Services, Glenbrook HSD 225 @rjgravel 
Thomas Zelek Illinois ASBO Seminar Host

INCubatorEDU: A Model for Partnership

Come explore the implementation of the INCubator entrepreneurial high school curriculum, including successes and failures as well as how the implementation model can be replicated to help you provide authentic learning opportunities for your students.
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Brian Gamlin 
Asst. Principal, Batavia USD 101 @INCubatorBHS
Brad Newkirk, Ed.D.
 Chief Academic Officer, Batavia USD 101 @BPSteachnlearn

10:55am - 11:55am

FERPA: Protecting Your Data

Technology programs continue to expand and more data is being asked for by many providers. Districts continue to receive phishing and other attacks with attempts to receive data. Come and review the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the implications that technology and business staff need to be aware of and resources and solutions to assist schools. Walk through a data breech scenario to better prepare yourself if the situation arises.
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Phil Morris
Dir./Technology & Operations, Kane County ROE @Morris_Phil 
Brian Tobin Dir./Technology, Central CUSD 301

Leading Ahead of the Technology Curve

As districts become “smarter,” more and more systems are connecting to the internet from learning tools, to HVAC and lighting systems, to clocks and bells. This presents a new set of challenges and opportunities for leaders around data privacy, school safety and digital equity. These critical initiatives cross over multiple departments and require innovative leadership and effective communication with internal and external partners. Join the EIA ( co-founders to discuss how leaders can avoid common mistakes and maximize their technology investments in these key areas.
Charles Kanavel
Co-Founder, Education Innovation Alliance @EIAk12
Tim Watrous Co-Founder, Education Innovation Alliance @timwtech

Student Startup Founders

Every school has high achieving students whose careers may bypass college. Do you know who yours are and what they need? The Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA) is increasingly graduating students who found and run their own businesses. Come interact with current IMSA TALENT Program participants to hear their inspiring stories and explore the implications for teaching and support: What are your goals? How do you manage your time as a student? What do you wish you could study? What have you had to teach yourself? How could your school help you better?
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Carl Heine, Ph.D.
TALENT Program Director (Retired), Illinois Mathematics & Science Academy (IMSA) @cheine
IMSA TALENT Program Participants

11:55am - 12:35pm


12:35pm - 1:35pm | Keynote Session

Preparing the Next Generation for a Future Unknown
The computer age of yesteryear has shifted into a technology revolution where data science, autonomous technologies, cyber security, machine learning and additive manufacturing are our future. All of these emerging fields are looking for problem solvers — individuals that have a solid knowledge base of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and are able to interweave their knowledge across complex, multi-disciplinary problems. How do we prepare our students for these future opportunities that in some cases have yet to be defined and are in a constant state of change?

Meridith Bruozas
Mgr., Educational Programs & Outreach, Argonne National Laboratory @argonne

1:45pm - 2:45pm

Redefining Learning Spaces

In education, everything is being redefined; the one learning tool that has not changed is the classroom. When schools are updated, it is often based on the latest technology. However, as technology advances and changes, this can become a hindrance rather than a support. Come and rethink the process of refurbishing and updating classrooms, leading to relevant and flexible learning spaces.

Mark Dohn Professional Learning Coordinator, Illinois Computing Educators (ICE) @mdohn

Do More with Less: The Power of Automation

As budgets tighten, school business managers are compelled to wring efficiency (and cash) out of programs while improving services to students and schools. Listen in as a CFO and a former CIO discuss the Return-on-Investment (ROI) for automation projects. Examine practical business projects that districts can implement to save employee time and money, learn how to calculate ROI and uncover technology best practices that increase efficiency of use.
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Tony Inglese, SFO, CETL Chief Financial Officer, Batavia USD 101 @ingl3se
Craig Williams Dir./Infrastructure Consulting Svs., ClientFirst Consulting Group