Committee & Special Assignments

The President and Executive Director/CEO are ex-officio members of all Illinois ASBO Committees and should be invited to all meetings. Written reports of all meetings and activities should be forwarded to the Office of the Executive Director.
Board Committees

Chair | Dean T. Romano
Board Members | Angela M. Crotty, Nicole Stuckert
Liaisons | Susan L. Harkin, Perry Hill, Calvin C. Jackson, Curtis J. Saindon, Deborah I. Vespa, David Wood
SAAC Chair | Terence M. Fielden
Ex officio | Michael A. Jacoby
Staff Liaisons | John Curry, Rebekah L. Weidner

Finance, Programs & Services​
Chair | Jan J. Bush
Board Members | Mark R. Bertolozzi, Seth Chapman, Kevin L. Dale
Staff Liaisons | Carla D. Paschal, Holly Wallace, Julie A. Warner

Membership, Networking & Participation
Chair | Cathy L. Johnson
Board Members | Maureen Jones, Adam P. Parisi
SAAC Vice Chair | Lisa Yefsky
Staff Liaisons | Tammy A. Curry, Laura M. Turnroth
Consultant | Emmert P. Dannenberg (attends at the request of the Board Committee Chair)

Professional Development
Chair | Mark W. Altmayer
Board Members | Eric DePorter, Tamara Mitchell
Liaison | NIU Liaison TBD
Staff Liaison | Susan P. Bertrand, Craig T. Collins, Jennifer Corbin, Lindsay A. Plath

Annual Conference
Evaluation | Dean T. Romano, Illinois ASBO Staff
Exhibits | Mark W. Altmayer, Jan J. Bush, Cathy L. Johnson, Dean T. Romano
Hospitality | Jan J. Bush
Site: Dean T. Romano, Michael A. Jacoby, Susan P. Bertrand

Constitutional Committees
Auditing & Bylaws | Jan J. Bush
Election/Nominating | Dean T. Romano
Policy Review Chair | Dean T. Romano
Ex officio | Michael A. Jacoby

Board Member Policy Review Assignments:
3000 Series | November 2019 – Mark R. Bertolozzi
4000 Series | February 2020 – Kevin L. Dale
5000 Series | April 2020 – Eric DePorter
6000 Series | November 2020 – Seth Chapman
7000 Series | February 2021 – Angela M. Crotty
8000 Series | April 2021 – Adam P. Parisi
9000 Series | November 2021 – Maureen A. Jones
1000 Series | February 2022 – Tamara L. Mitchell
2000 Series | April 2022 – Nicole Stuckert


Alliance Representatives
Members | Gary J. Allison, Guy M. Cahill, Jeffrey L. Endres, Todd R. Drafall

ASBO International Annual Meeting
Chair | Dean T. Romano, Michael A. Jacoby

ASBO International Relations
Chair | Terrie S. Simmons
Members | Jerome E. Brendel, Susan L. Harkin, Michael A. Jacoby, Donald R. Johnson, Gregg L. Worrell

Community Impact
President Elect | Mark W. Altmayer
Treasurer | Jan J. Bush
Director | Kevin L. Dale
SAAC Vice Chair | Lisa Yefsky
Staff Liaison | Susan P. Bertrand

Delegate Advisory Assembly (DAA)
Chair | Dean T. Romano
Members | Victoria G. Cullinan (DAA Chair), Margaret Kyne (DAA Vice Chair), Calvin C. Jackson, David Wood
Liaison | Michael A. Jacoby
Staff Liaisons | Susan P. Bertrand, Holly Wallace

Distinguished Service Award
Chair | Dean T. Romano

Chair | Cathy L. Johnson
Member | Shelley H. Clark
Staff Liaison | Tammy A. Curry

Illinois Energy Consortium (IEC)
Chair | Garrick C. Grizaffi
Member | Adam P. Parisi
Liaison | Michael A. Jacoby

Chair | Jan J. Bush

Joint Conference
Chair | Dean T. Romano
Member | Tamara Mitchell (Booth)
Staff Liaisons | Susan P. Bertrand (Panels), Laura Turnroth and Holly Wallace (Booth), Julie Warner (Hotel)
Liaisons | Michael A. Jacoby, Susan P. Bertrand, Illinois ASBO Board

Service Associate Advisory Committee (SAAC)
Chair | Terence M. Fielden
Vice Chair | Lisa Yefsky
Past Chair | Carrie L. Matlock
Members | 2016-2020/Jennifer Sulentic; 2017-2021/Nicholas Saccaro; 2018-2022/Charles L. Czachor, Sheetal Rai; 2019-2023/Steve Kowalski, Howard Metz; Executive Director & CEO/Michael A. Jacoby
Board Liaison | Cathy L. Johnson
Staff Liaisons | Susan P. Bertrand, Julie A. Warner

Liaison: Michael A. Jacoby

Officer & Director Responsibilities

President - Dean T. Romano
Assignments | ASBO International Annual Meeting; Distinguished Service Award; Evaluation of Executive Director; Joint Conference; Delegate Advisory Assembly
Committees | Advocacy Board Committee (Chair); Annual Conference/Evaluation; Annual Conference/Exhibits; Annual Conference/Site
Liaisons | Legal Issues PDC; Fox River Valley Regional Organization
President Elect - Mark W. Altmayer
Committees | Community Impact Committee; Professional Development Board Committee (Chair); Annual Conference/Exhibits
Liaisons | Principles of School Finance PDC; Special Education: Administration & Finance PDC; East Central Regional Organization; Will County (Three Rivers) Regional Organization

Treasurer - Jan J. Bush
Assignment | Insurance
Committees | Community Impact Committee; Finance; Programs & Services Board Committee (Chair); Annual Conference/Exhibits; Annual Conference/Hospitality; Constitution/Auditing & Bylaws; Foundation Governance Board
Liaisons | South/Central/Western Illinois PDC; Egyptian Regional Organization; West Central Regional Organization

Immediate Past President - Cathy L. Johnson
Assignment | Historian
Committees | Membership; Networking & Participation Board Committee (Chair); Annual Conference/Exhibits; Foundation Governance Board; Policy Review (Chair); Constitution/Election/Nominating
Liaisons | Budgeting & Financial Planning PDC; North Shore Elementary Regional Organization; West Cook Regional Organization; Service Associate Advisory Committee (SAAC)

Executive Director/CEO - Michael A. Jacoby
Assignment | ASBO International Annual Meeting
Committees | Annual Conference; Advocacy Board Committee (Ex officio Member); Foundation Governance Board; Policy Review; Service Associate Advisory Committee (SAAC)
Liaisons | ASBO International Relations; Delegate Advisory Assembly (DAA); Quad-Cities Regional Organization; Western Regional Organization; Universities; Foundation Governance Board; Illinois Energy Consortium (IEC); Illinois School District Liquid Asset Fund (Ex Officio Trustee); Illinois School Management Alliance

Deputy Executive Director/COO - Susan P. Bertrand
Assignment | Joint Conference (Panels)
Committees | Annual Conference; Community Impact Committee; Foundation Governance Board; Professional Development Board Committee
Liaisons | Delegate Advisory Assembly (DAA); Service Associate Advisory Committee (SAAC)

2017-2020 Director - Mark R. Bertolozzi
Assignments | Policy Review 3000 Series (Nov 2019)
Committee | Membership; Networking & Participation Board Committee
Liaisons | Human Resource Management PDC; Transportation PDC; McHenry County Regional Organization               
Mentor to 1st Year Director | Maureen A. Jones

2017-2020 Director - Kevin L. Dale
Assignments | Policy Review 4000 Series (Feb 2020)
Committee | Advocacy Board Committee
Liaisons | Food Service PDC; Maintenance & Operations PDC; North Central Illinois Facility Professionals Regional Organization
Mentor to 1st Year Director | Tamara L. Mitchell

2017-2020 Director - Eric DePorter
Assignments | Policy Review 5000 Series (Apr 2020)
Committee | Professional Development Board Committee
Liaisons | Accounting, Auditing & Financial Reporting PDC; Leadership Development PDC; Illinois Valley Regional Organization
Mentor to 1st Year Director | Nicole Stuckert

2018-2021 Director - Seth Chapman
Assignments | Policy Review 6000 Series (Nov 2020)
Committee | Professional Development Board Committee
Liaisons | Purchasing PDC; Northwest Suburban Regional Organization; West Cook Illinois Facility Professionals

2018-2021 Director - Angela M. Crotty
Assignments | Policy Review 7000 Series (Feb 2021)
Committee | Advocacy Board Committee
Liaisons | Sustainability PDC; Technology PDC; South Cook Illinois Facility Professionals; South Suburban Regional Organization

2018-2021 Director - Adam P. Parisi
Assignments | Policy Review 8000 Series (Apr 2021)
Committee | Membership; Networking & Participation Board Committee
Liaisons | Communications PDC; Public Policy Advocacy & Intergovernmental Relations PDC; North Eastern Illinois Facility Professionals; Northeastern Regional Organization

2019-2022 Director - Maureen A. Jones
Assignments | Policy Review 9000 Series (Nov 2021)
Committee | Membership; Networking & Participation Board Committee
Liaisons | Cash Management; Investments & Debt Management PDC; DuPage Regional Organization; Northern Illinois Round Table of Business Administrators (NIRT- BA)/Special Education Regional Organization
Mentor | Mark R. Bertolozzi
2019-2022 Director - Tamara L. Mitchell
Assignments | Policy Review 1000 Series (Feb 2022)
Committee | Professional Development Board Committee
Liaisons | Risk Management PDC; South East Regional Organization; Will County Facilities Regional Organization
Mentor | Kevin L. Dale

2019-2022 Director - Nicole Stuckert
Assignments | Policy Review 2000 Series (Apr 2022)
Committee | Advocacy Board Committee
Liaisons | Planning and Construction PDC; Central Illinois Valley Regional Organization; Mississippi Valley Regional Organization
Mentor | Eric DePorter

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