Concordia University Chicago: Sample Ed.D. Course Sequence

 Year One
Semester One

EDL 7110 –
Strategies for Educational Leadership

EDL 7140 –
Organizational Change


Semester Two

EDL 7260 –
School/District Improvement Using Data Analysis

EDL 7210 –
Policy Analysis

Semester Three

EDL 7250 –
Legal Issues for School Districts

EDL 7300 –
Ethics for Educational Leaders


 Year Two
Semester One

RES 7610 –
Quantitative Analysis

EDL 7900 –
Decision Making


Semester Two

EDL 7230 –
Educational Finance

EDL 7220 –
Human Resource Administration and Bargaining

Semester Three

EDL 7240 –
Supervisory Theory and Practice

FPR 7011 –
Philosophical and Theoretical Foundations of Leadership

 Year Three
Semester One

EDL 6715 –
Providing Educational Support

EDL 6775 –
Leading School Based Professional Learning Communities

Semester Two

EDL 7310 –
Organizations and Community Partnerships

RES 7700 –
Qualitative Research

Semester Three

RES 7900 —
Research Design
(16 weeks)

 Year Four
Semester One

COMP 7000 –
Comprehensive Exam

DISS 7010 –
(16 weeks)

Semester Two

DISS 7020 –
(16 weeks)

DISS 7030 –
(16 weeks)

Semester Three

DISS 8000 –
Dissertation Supervision
(16 weeks)

For More Information, Please Contact:

Illinois ASBO Contact (for application questions)

Lindsay Plath
Professional Development Coordinator
(815) 753-9350

Concordia Contact (for class/program questions)

Deborah A. Ness
Executive Director
Office of Graduate Student Services and Admission
Concordia University Chicago
(708) 209-3115

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