CPMM Certification

A CPMM Certification is for current facilities director who would like to build on their specific competencies within the field of maintenance management.

To communicate your interest and receive updates on certification cohorts, please contact Lindsay Plath at (815) 753-9350.​

How to Register for the Certified Professional Maintenance Manager (CPMM) Certification Training & Exam

Registration is Now Open for 2020! 
You MUST complete the AFE/Illinois ASBO application (and have it approved) in order to be accepted into the training.

Submit completed application to Lindsay Plath or by fax at (815) 516-0184. Whether you receive approval on your application from AFE or not, you will receive a confirmation e-mail stating your qualification for taking the training and exam (based on fulfilling the minimum qualifications).
After receiving the registration payment and application approval, we will mail out the study book to participants' school district to begin self/independent study
Please note there are additional fees from AFE for certification renewal


Facilities Certification Information

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