January Business Office Calendar

An indispensable member resource, to help you keep up on upcoming state deadlines


  • January (TBD) – Deadline to submit the Property Tax Relief Grant application to ISBE.
  • January (TBD) – Deadline to submit Illinois Green Ribbon Schools Program Applications.
  • January (TBD) – Deadline for schools designated as Exemplary or Commendable to submit IL-E Learning Partner Application.
  • January (TBD) – Deadline for waiver applications to be considered for inclusion in the ISBE Spring Waiver Report.
  • January 20 (FY20) – Certain Quarterly Expenditure Reports for Categorical Grants –The Illinois State Board of Education will notify the school district via E-mail as to which grants must file on IWAS.
  • January 31 (FY20) – Annual Affidavit for Exempt Property is filed with the county assessor (35 ILCS 200/15-10).
  • January 31 (FY20) – Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return (Form 941).
  • January 31 (FY20) – Employer’s Quarterly Illinois Withholding Tax Return (Form IL-941).
  • January 31 (FY20) – Illinois Department of Employment Security Quarterly Report (UI-3/40).
  • January 31 (FY20) – Wage and Tax Statement (Form W-2) for employees and Miscellaneous Income (Form 1099) for qualifying non-employee payments.
  • January (TBD) – IDEA Expenditure Report due through IWAS.
  • January (TBD) – IDEA Excess Cost Worksheets are DUE to ISBE the last working day of January each year.
  • January (TBD) – Email the completed forms to the IDEA grant coordinators.
  • January (TBD) – Prepare financial documentation for IDEA Expenditure Report.
  • January (TBD) – Prepare financial documentation for IDEA Excess Cost Worksheets



  • Prepare the list of names/addresses for Statement of Economic Interests filing (due February 1)
  • Prepare staffing/budget projections and bid specification.
  • Board of Education designates “some person or persons” (typically the Superintendent and/or Business Official) to prepare the budget in tentative form (105 ILCS 5/17-1). This is a good month to place this item on the Board agenda because designation/authorization should be done prior to starting the budget development process. A sample resolution can be found on page 37 of Mechanics of a School District Budget, an ISBE publication that can be downloaded from their website.


  • Statement of Economic Interests: Alphabetical list of names and addresses of board members and school employees required to file the Statement must be prepared by the chief administrative officer, or his or her designee (usually the Superintendent or Business Official). The list is to be certified and then sent to the county clerk (5 ILCS 420/4A-106). Each individual must file the Statement on or before May 1st with the county clerk (5 ILCS 420/4A-105).
  • Posting of annual summary of occupational injuries and illnesses for each workplace. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Form #300A or an equivalent form containing the same information must be posted until April 30th (Administrative Code, 56 Ill. Adm. Code 350 Section 350.250.d and e). The posting is required by the Illinois Department of Labor (IDOL).
  • Seniority List: Established by the Board of Education and distributed to the exclusive bargaining representative(s) (105 ILCS 5/24-12).
  • National School Lunch Program regulations require multi-site sponsors to complete an On-Site Review (form ISBE 67-35) by district officials to ensure accountability of meal counts and claiming procedures. The review form is filed with District records.
  • Non-Certified Staff Salary Study is submitted to the Illinois State Board of Education (105 ILCS 5/2.3-103). File on IWAS. (Information on IWAS indicates that the report should be submitted by public school districts with an enrollment of 1,000 or more students.)
  • Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements (Form W-3) and the Annual Summary and Transmittal of U.S. Information Returns (Form 1096).
  • Last day to submit the Illinois Food Distribution Program’s Annual Commodity Order Form for the School Year. File on the Illinois Commodity System (ICS) website accessed through the Illinois State Board of Education’s Food Distribution Program homepage at: www.isbe.net/business.htm.
  • All corrections/additions for the December 1st Child Count closed.
  • Begin preparing for any potential Reduction in Force (RIF) that may be planned.
  • Honorable Dismissal List is due to the teachers’ union at least 75 calendar days before the end of each school year (March 1 target date).
  • Review IDEA grant expenditures. Submit timely amendments, as needed.

This information is posted for your benefit only and may be subject to change without notice. Illinois ASBO does not guarantee this calendar’s accuracy and will not be responsible for damages caused by reliance on it. It is not intended to be all inclusive and is not a substitute for legal advice. Although job responsibilities and procedures vary among districts, this timetable highlights the major tasks performed by school district officials relative to business office operations. Dates listed indicate the last day to submit the report or complete the task unless otherwise noted.

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